Congratulations for making it to Level 40! Oh, you are so close now to winning this absolutely amazing game! But before jumping right on the solution provided by the What’s the Saying Witty Level 40 answers page, let’s see some clues first: the answer to this level has everything to do with a shopping event that became very popular all over the world. People are known for getting even a bit aggressive during this event, but hey, it’s the best day of the year for commerce! Are you ready now to move past this challenge and step into the last section of this game, or do you want to check the solution just to be sure?

If you ask us, this puzzle game made you really witty, as you had tens of opportunities to test your brain skills and even improve them. If you practiced your cognitive abilities with the previous versions of this game, you are more than ready to go to the next level and even try out newer versions of the same word – puzzle challenge. We know having us by your side was helpful, but you deserve all the credit for solving level after level! So now let’s go over the What’s the Saying Witty Level 40 answers and hints and smell the scent of victory, as it is close!

What’s the Saying Witty Level 40 Answers


Black Friday Saying Witty

Hints: - The image displays the days of the week, starting with Monday and ending with Friday. Notice how each day is colored differently, while the indicator hand is pointing towards the… black Friday. Keep in mind for the future that in most cases, the color used to write some words is the main clue to use in order to solve the puzzle. - Some people disagree with the Black Friday hysteria, as it usually turns out to be “hospital day” for those people who got stampeded by their fellow humans, but this event got so popular all over the world, you just can’t fight it, but participate to it and hope you get your products and make it home in full health.