You are getting closer to another important milestone in this game and it seems that the developers let you move past this level with little effort. Nevertheless, just to be sure you are getting closer to the finish line and winning the game, it doesn’t hurt to check the What’s the Saying Witty Level 38 answers and hints just to be sure you got the right combination of words out of this puzzle. Moreover, you can read the hints just for fun, learn a thing or two and remember how you can use images to create terms and sayings.

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What’s the Saying Witty Level 38 Answers


Jet Black Saying Witty

Hints: - This is a black airplane you’re looking at here and there is no other way we can explain this puzzle. To reach the correct solution, however, you need to think about synonyms. Can you use “jet” for “plane”? In this case you can. So the correct answer is not “Black jet”, but “Jet black.” - We call things “jet black” those things that are deep and profoundly black. The blackest of the black, if you allow us this expression. Don’t mistake this term with Jack Black – who is a rather famous person!