With this puzzle, the What’s the Saying Witty game developers decided to give you a breather and not subject you to the pain of not being able to get the answer, even if it was there in front of you, wrapped in graphic clues. However easy this level may be to break, we have the duty to provide you with the What’s the Saying Witty Level 29 answers and hints, just to make sure you remember how to figure out similar puzzles in the future.

You are getting closer and closer to the end of this game, even if we have a pretty good number of challenges to go through, but with your mind skills and our hints, tips and explanations, no word – image puzzle can stand in our way. Remember to always read the hints to get to the very building pattern of each puzzle and take a look over the saying’s meaning explained to learn something new. Now let’s go see the What’s the Saying Witty Level 29 answers and hints and level up!

What’s the Saying Witty Level 29 Answers


Empty Space Saying Witty

Hints: - What we have here is the word EMPTY and a long line which we know it stands for “space” – as it looks like an empty space we leave in a document to be filled with data later on. So this puzzle reads “Empty space.” - An empty space is a gap between two entities. Don’t mistake this term with “Blank Space” which may mean the same thing in everyday language, but which is a famous song played by Taylor Swift.