Back in the day, PC games were the kings of the world, no matter if they were video – games or educational ones. With the advancements in technology today, every smart device possessor can play a fun little game to keep himself or herself entertained for minutes or for hours, to make dull and dead moments pass easier, or to learn something new. There are many guessing games out there in the app world, especially guess the brand or guess the logo types, but among all, puzzle games have witnessed an exponential increase in popularity. If you’re here on the What’s the Saying Witty Level 23 answers and cheats page, you know what we mean: these games are addictive, challenging and really mind – blowing sometimes.

A mind – blowing challenge is the puzzle featured by this level. Many of our users didn’t see the pattern or the logic behind the solution to this puzzle so they used the What’s the Saying Witty Level 23 answers and hints page with great benefits. We recommend you to browse this platform and search for the answers to the levels that give you troubles. Now let’s solve the mystery and level up!

What’s the Saying Witty Level 23 Answers


Honorable Intentions Saying Witty

Hints: - What we have here is the word HONORABLE. Now that is clear. The word is surrounded by ten suns. Let’s take a leap together: we have HONORABLE – IN – TEN – SUNS. Doesn’t this sound just like “Honorable intentions”? - This is an idiom used back in the day when a father asked the boy dating his daughter that he had good and honest intentions with the said girl – as in not wanting to take advantage of her. Now maybe fathers still ask boyfriends about their honorable intentions, but in our everyday language we use this term to emphasize that we have good, honest, true reasons behind our actions or statements.