You just began playing the What’s the Saying Witty game version and the developers want to make you spin your mind wheels at high speeds. The answer to this level is not as obvious as one would think, given the fact that we just started with this game, but we have to admit, it is a very challenging way to get players hooked on your puzzle game. We have the What’s the Saying Witty Level 2 answers and hints right here, so you don’t feel discouraged if you got stuck to this level. It can happen to anyone, no matter how good he or she is at solving such puzzles.

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What’s the Saying Witty Level 2 Answers


Red Letter Day Saying Witty

Hints: - This image contains a date: March 9th. The letters are all written in red, except for the number 9, which is written in black. Reading this just as it looks like leads to the conclusion that we have a “red letter day.” There are more than just one red letter here, but let’s humor the game developers. - A red letter day is an important day or date in your calendar. This idiom originates from the fact that religious holidays are usually marked with red in calendars and that we, ourselves, mark with red an important day in our agendas.