A few more puzzles to solve and you will finish this exciting and intriguing game that got hooked hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. The answer to this level represents something that we all wish for and enjoy in a hot summer day. If this extra clue solves the problem, then there is no need for you to linger more on the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 37 answers and hints page. However, if you still feel stuck on this level, the solution and the explanations written below will help you to move to the next level and get closer to the finish line.

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What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 37 Answers


Lemonade Saying Variety 2

Hints: - This one is pretty easy, but let’s break it down, as the building pattern repeats itself throughout the levels and versions of the game. You have the letters “Lem” written over the letters “Aid”, while being separated by a black line. So the “lem is on aid”, which in puzzle language means “Lemonade.” - This may be one of the oldest and still very popular drinks in the world. We don’t know exactly who invented it, but we are grateful for this awesome idea.