The answer to this level is something you were told at least once in your lifetime in class or at home. Or you said it yourself to a child or a friend. It is not the best line one can utter in a stressful moment, but sometimes it works in the lack of a better reaction. But enough with the clues! You are on the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 29 answers page because you want the solution for this game’s level and the actual hints on how the puzzle was built. We know you sometimes come here just to check your own answer against ours, as you are probably used by now with the way the game developers construct their puzzles. We encourage you to think for yourself and train your brain and cognitive skills to the max!

All we do here is to teach our users how to read and interpret such word – image puzzles and challenges and give them a few explanations related to the sayings’ meaning. After all, how boring it would be to just deliver a solution and not talk about the expression’s uses and meanings? If you like our work, don’t be shy in sharing our page with your friends too. All being said and done, let’s take a look over the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 29 answers and hints and level up!

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 29 Answers


Sit Down and Shut Up Saying Variety 2

Hints: - This image features a black arrow pointing downwards with the word “sit” written inside it. Right under this arrow, another one is pointing upwards, exactly in the opposite direction from the first one, but this has the word “shut” inside. In other words, “Sit down and shut up!” - We bet you hated to hear this saying while you were in school, but you probably used it yourself, especially if you are a teacher or a parent.