The saying you have to guess on this level (or the first half of a longer saying, to be honest) is something we all should remember in our everyday lives. We know that it is frustrating to not know the answer to some of this addictive game’s levels, but you don’t have to worry! This is exactly why we are here for: to provide you with the answers, cheats, solutions, hints and help pages to all the What’s the Saying Variety 2 levels and with many tips on how to solve other similar mobile app games. Now you are on the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 22 answers and hints page, so it means you need some assistance with this one.

Before getting to the solution, let us remind you that such games work miracles on your problem – solving kills, cognitive processing, vocabulary, word construction and perspective, so first try to really think things through and come up with your own answer. If it still escapes you, take a look over the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 22 answers and hints, learn a few new things and level up!

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 22 Answers


A Friend in Need Saying Variety 2

Hints: - What we have here is two words crossing each other. The vertical word is NEED, the horizontal word is FRIEND, and they intersect on letter E. This idiom becomes thus “A friend in need.” - As we hinted above, this is a half of idiom, as the full saying is “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” We use however, only the first part, but it means exactly the same thing as the whole idiom: a true friend is the one who helps you in times of need and who stays by your side for better of for worse.