What did we just say? The game’s developers managed to build this particular version of the What’s the Saying Variety 2 mobile app game so that you face more and more difficult levels as you get deeper into the game. They indeed mixed some tricky puzzles with easier levels you can solve with your eyes closed. But sometimes, these word – image puzzle games aren’t either hard or easy, some of them are confusing and frustrating, as they give you too many hints or too few clues to build your answer upon. So here we are on the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 12 answers and hints page, trying to solve this weird level mystery.

We have the answer for level 12, just as we have the answers, solutions, cheats and help pages to a lot of this game’s versions and many other games. We also have the hints for you to use to understand how the puzzle was constructed and some explanations about the saying’s meaning. Whenever you feel stuck to some level or just need to check your answer against ours, all you need to do is stop by and look for the puzzle you’re interested into. But for now, let’s see what to make of the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 12 answers and cheats. See you at the next level!

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 12 Answers


Too Intense Saying Variety 2

Hints: - This image displays the word “two” right in the middle. Around it, in each corner of the square image, there is a number 10. There are four such numbers 10, so we should think about their plural form. Tens should be the correct term. Now we have “Two in Tens”. How does that sound? That sounds exactly like “Too intense.” - We hope this game isn’t too intense for you to abandon it, but intense enough to keep you playing it and getting more and more determined to finish it.