This level is pretty awesome! We know you like us to give you the solution and the hints on how to understand the puzzle, but if you bear with us for a second, we will tell you that the answer to this level is something that occurs quite frequently in science – fiction movies. Or represents a threat mankind is thinking about sometimes. If you are still in the shadows, then you are in luck, because if you were looking for the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 11 answers and hints page, you found it! Random clues might help, but isn’t it better to help you solve future similar puzzles, once you learned some patterns?

We have to congratulate you for passing through the first 10 levels of this intriguing and entertaining game dedicated to all adults and children who want to test their cognitive skills and train their brains into thinking out of the standard parameters. The game is quite good at giving us more and more complicated challenges from one level to the next! But let’s take care of the mystery with the What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 11 answers and hints and meet at the next level!

What’s the Saying Variety 2 Level 11 Answers


Space Invaders Saying Variety 2

Hints: - What we have here is the word VADERS, which is not a real word, unless you think it’s about more than one Darth Vader. But the word has a special feature and that is the space between VA and DERS. An indicator hand clearly focuses your attention towards that space, so what we have here are not a lot of Sith lords, but “Space Invaders.’ - We are pretty sure that besides “angry aliens who want to conquer our planet with war and weaponry”, this term is used to convey a gaming genre – video games which are focused on fighting against alien spacecrafts.