We finished with the wars and we should be prepared for what’s coming next! Unfortunately, many players got stuck to this level, because even if the picture has all the necessary clues, their interpretation is a bit challenging. You are, however, very fortunate, as we have the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 8 answers, hints and explanations right here below. All you have to do is think about the solution and see if it makes sense. Afterwards, look at our detailed information on how the puzzle was built and how you should read and interpret it and level up with no problems!

You’re getting closer to level 10 and it seems the game developers don’t cut you any slack. This is one of the trickiest versions in the series (it rises to its name, we think) and a true brain teaser and trainer. The experienced players might find their way around the developers’ tricks and schemes, but if this is the first version you try in the series, well, we’re around and we’re here every step of the way, making sure you successfully reach the finish line. So let’s see the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 8 answers and hints and get smarter by the minute!

What’s the Saying Tricky Level 8 Answers


Life In The Fast Lane Saying Tricky

Hints: - What we have here are two speedways. The one on top says SPEED LIMIT 65, while the one on the bottom of the picture says SPEED LIMIT 25. So it’s clear that the one above is the fast lane. On that lane, however, there is another image overlapped, a sphere with a line pattern inside. Well, that sphere is a cell (or a representation of a cell), and when we think about cells, we think about life. That’s the trick! - When you live your life in the fast lane, you live a very active life, full of excitement, full of challenges, but one which is also quite risky or even dangerous.