The answer to this level is another cultural reference, a very famous one actually, that most people in the world know about. However, it is conveyed in a very tricky manner behind a simple picture and we strongly recommend you to read the following What’s the Saying Tricky Level 42 answers, hints and explanations, if not to get the solution, at least to verify your own hypothesis against ours.

These games are highly popular and appreciated and for all good reasons: they train your brain, keep you hooked on the puzzles, asking for more, they challenge your cognitive skills and open up your appetite for putting your mind to work in original ways. Finishing such a game is a reason for pride, so let’s help you arrive at the finish line with the next What’s the Saying Tricky Level 42 answers and hints!

What’s the Saying Tricky Level 42 Answers


The Jungle Book Saying Tricky

Hints: - What we have here is a large book with AMAZON written on its cover. This one is tricky because when we see the word Amazon in association with a book, we first think about the giant retailer and bookstore. However, in this context, Amazon stands for the Jungle of Amazon so this is actually the image puzzle for “Jungle Book.” - The Jungle Book is an iconic novel in the history of literature, written by English author Rudyard Kipling and the source of one of the most amazing cartoon movies ever made.