This is a beautifully built puzzle which can be read literally, provided you find the right words to convey the picture. Welcome to the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 29 answers and hints page, the last stop you take before reaching level 30, a major milestone in the game! If you’re an experienced puzzle solver, this one shouldn’t throw you in a world of pain and confusion, but even the master-solvers still need a backup plan, if not to learn new ways of breaking puzzles, at least to make sure they’re on the right track towards the finish line.

The answer to this level is a common idiom we use quite frequently when we talk about impossible things. This is a clue you may want to use if you want to get the solution on your own and then check out below our explanations and discover how the puzzle was built and what is the meaning of the saying. However, we have to warn you that there are many more puzzles to go, so you might want to step up your game here and embrace the future challenges. In order to do so, let’s see the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 29 answers and hints and reach level 30!

What’s the Saying Tricky Level 29 Answers


When Pigs Fly Saying Tricky

Hints: - In order, from top to bottom, we have the following images: a clock-standing for time, two pigs, which don’t need many explanations, and a bird-standing for flight. Interpret the clock in terms of “when” (as this is the question for time) and you have when-pigs-fly. As we said, you can read this almost in a literal manner, if you find the right words to do it. - This is a perfect idiom to express the idea of “it’s never ever going to happen, because it’s impossible to happen.” Since pigs can’t fly, when pigs fly means that something will never take place.