It’s level 20 and if you expected an easy puzzle to mark this game milestone, we’re sorry to inform you that this puzzle is tricky, challenging and mind – blowing, as it should be. If you have some experience with the What’s the Saying game series, you know that the puzzles get more and more interesting as you move deeper into the game and this one makes no exception. Luckily for everybody, we have the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 20 answers, hints and explanations right here below, so there’s no need to worry.

You also don’t need to worry if this is the first game you play in the series. The level of difficulty isn’t a progressive one. You can have five tricky puzzles and three easy ones in a row, as the game developers want to keep you hooked, entertained and motivated to play. They don’t want to make you abandon the game or start cheating when you just can’t handle things anymore. We are here to provide you with all the backup you need, fully detailed resource pages and walkthroughs, to smoothen your journey and teach you many fun things. So let’s see what we can make out of the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 20 answers and cheats and keep ourselves entertained!

What’s the Saying Tricky Level 20 Answers


Million Man March Saying Tricky

Hints: - On the upper side of the picture you have a black figure of a man, the arithmetical sign of multiplication (the blue letter X) and the number 106 – which is a million, if you remember. Below, on the lower part of the image, you have a calendar sheet showing the word MAR, which stands for March, obviously. This puzzle reads, thus, million-man-march. - The Million Man March is an important event in the modern African-American history. It was a mass gathering of African-Americans which took place in 1995 in Washington, D.C. It was a march for awareness towards minority issues and civil rights.