We can sincerely say that this puzzle is easy to break if you saw similar puzzles in the past while playing other What’s the Saying game versions. The answer to this puzzle is the name of an activity many of us enjoy in their free time, as a hobby or a sport. But you are on the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 18 answers, hints and explanations page, so you are probably looking for a safety net and a means to verify your own solution against the correct one. You’re in luck, as you can see, because there’s no level in this game that we don’t have covered.

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What’s the Saying Tricky Level 18 Answers


Shooting Pool Saying Tricky

Hints: - What we see here is the word POOL and gunshot marks or bullet holes. If you have bullet holes piercing through the word, it means that somebody is “shooting pool.” - You know shooting pool means playing billiards, so there’s no need to get into more details when it comes to this term.