Now this is an easy puzzle to break, especially if you follow the golden rule of breaking puzzles and wor – image games in general: read out loud what you see in the picture. Well, for this one you need to find some replacements for the words conveyed by the images, but we think you won’t have problems with solving this one. This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate you for being here on the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 13 answers and explanations page, this means you are a very careful player who doesn’t like loose ends and taking unnecessary risks.

The What’s the Saying games popularity is on the rise, as more and more people download this game as we speak. For a mobile app game meant to entertain, challenge and brain train, it is the perfect choice, technologically speaking. It runs smoothly on even older smart devices, it has no bugs and with its performances enhanced, it’s a delight to play and have fun with. This is why people love it and recommend it to adults, children and elders alike. But to fully appreciate the ride, you have to finish it first. Next stop, the What’s the Saying Tricky Level 13 answers and cheats!

What’s the Saying Tricky Level 13 Answers


Face The Music Saying Tricky

Hints: - As we said, let’s try reading this image literally: you have a woman and some music notes. But the woman is looking straight at the music notes, facing the music. - When you have to face the music, it means that you have to accept the unpleasant or negative consequences of your actions, to receive a punishment, confront the unpleasantness of some errors you assume and take responsibility of.