We are finally here, on the finish line, waiting for a victory dance and a cold bottle of champagne to be popped! Isn’t this great? We traveled together yet again through a jungle of tricky puzzles and complicated challenges, only to arrive at the end of another version of the What’s the Saying game! The last level of Slick is easy to put behind you, as the puzzle can be read almost in a literal manner. But let’s not spoil now what has been a good tradition: first, verification, then celebration. So let’s see if your solution corresponds to ours by looking at the What’s the Saying Slick Level 50 answers, hints and explanations!

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What’s the Saying Slick Level 50 Answers


Heat Wave Saying Slick

Hints: - As we said, this puzzle can be almost read in a literal manner. You have a thermometer in red, which indicates high temperatures or “heat” and a large blue-white water wave. So here we have a heat wave. - In physical geography or in weather forecast sciences, a heat wave is described by an abnormal period of hot weather, in a continuous spell. This is it folks! Congratulations for making it to the other side and finishing this wonderful game version too! If you have suggestions for us, recommendations, complaints, some thoughts on our work here or requests related to other games we should feature on the platform, don’t be shy in dropping us a line and telling us what’s on your mind! We hope you had the best of times with our What’s the Saying Slick answers and that we will meet soon on other games’ help pages!