You’ve seen the pattern used to build this puzzle on other puzzle, maybe even earlier in this game. Since it’s level 48 and the last level was no way near a piece of cake, the developers decided to give you a break and enjoy the view of the finish line, laying a few steps ahead in front of you. But to really reach the much expected victory, you should first go through the What’s the Saying Slick Level 48 answers, hints and explanations, just to make sure you’re on the right track. This puzzle needs only some verification, as it’s not hard to solve.

Being sent back to the starting point is something nobody wishes for, so that’s why we encourage everybody to first check their own solution against ours and then give the game the answer it requires. After all, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Moreover, learning with each level a new puzzle building trick, you can solve the future ones to come in the blink of an eye. Now let’s see the What’s the Saying Slick Level 48 answers, hints and tips and level up!

What’s the Saying Slick Level 48 Answers


Extended Warranty Saying Slick

Hints: - The word featured by this puzzle is WARRANTY. The pattern we were telling you about is that a large part of the word, namely the letters RRANTY are written in an elongated, stretched, extended manner in comparison to the first tow, WA. So what we have here, simply put, is an “extended warranty.” - As we all know, an extended warranty for a product or a service is a service agreement which offers us a prolonged warranty of the said product.