Welcome to level 45, the final milestone in the game before the long awaited finish line! Congratulations for making it so far and for being so determined and so proficient in solving all these puzzles! Of course, we have to also welcome you to the What’s the Saying Slick Level 45 answers, hints and explanations, your best resource when it comes to learning how to break puzzles and finding the saying you were looking for! This time we really have a saying, a three-word one, which is conveyed by a single repeated word. Is this puzzle hard to break or easy to solve? That’s what you decide after learning the hints!

It’s time to take a deep breath and hurry towards victory. With five more levels to go, you’ll be there in no time, unless you give the game a wrong answer, or you take too much time to deliver an answer. If you make the slightest wrong step, you get sent back to square one and that would be a disaster. So let’s have fun, avoid the bad stuff and level up with the next What’s the Saying Slick Level 45 answers!

What’s the Saying Slick Level 45 Answers


History Repeats Itself Saying Slick

Hints: - As we said, here you have one word, HISTORY, repeated four times. It’s not the number of repetitions which counts, but the fact that HISTORY repeats itself. - This is a proverb or a saying which emphasizes on the fact that some events or some trends seem to happen again and again, sometimes even in cycles.