Sometimes, the answers to some puzzles are on the tip of your tongue or of your fingers, but you just can’t get them right. If that’s the case with the puzzle on level 36, then feel free to check out the What’s the Saying Slick Level 36 answers, hints and explanations, as you will learn the pattern used to build this puzzle (not a lot different from the one hiding the “eye shadow” meaning). We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to pay attention to all the present (and absent) details in a picture, as this is the way to go when you play some What’s the Saying game version.

Besides paying attention and recalling already learned patterns to solve new challenges, we also recommend our users to read all the hints, explanations and info we provide on each level. This is how they can learn a lot of new things about puzzle breaking and about the meanings and contexts of the new found sayings. If you’re interested to level up, then make the best out of the What’s the Saying Slick Level 36 answers and hints!

What’s the Saying Slick Level 36 Answers


Tip of My Tongue Saying Slick

Hints: - See what we did there? We inserted the saying in the introduction, but now let’s see how to break the puzzle with logic: you have the image of a tongue and an indicator hand pointing towards it. Just as it happened with the “eye shadow” we've seen before, the hand here points towards a small portion of the tongue, its tip, to be exact. - This idiom is used when you want to emphasize on the fact that something, a thought or an idea is about to be said or just close to be remembered, yet still escaping one’s grasp still.