Aha! It’s starting to become intense, this little word – image puzzle game, isn’t it? But you know the drill perhaps from other similar games: it will become harder and harder, although it will alternate easy levels and puzzles with more difficult ones, just to keep you on your toes at all times. From now on, you have to put all your cognitive processes to work. You are now on the What’s the Saying Intense Level 3 answers and cheats page. Do you need our help with the solution, or are you just checking your own answer against ours, to see if you are right?

No matter which one it is, you will find here all the help pages, cheats, hints and solutions to all the levels of this popular and addictive game, so keep your mind working for solving the challenges on your own. W and if you get stuck, come by and get all the help you need from us! Now let’s see together the What’s the Saying Intense Level 3 answers and cheats page and meet at the next level! And remember, if you encourage teens and children to play this, don’t forget to explain to them the meaning of the sayings they discover, in case some are unknown to them!

What’s the Saying Intense Level 3 Answers


Three Sheets To The Wind Saying Intense

Hints: - This is just a word puzzle, apparently. On the top of the image you have the word “sheet” repeated three times and under them there is the word “the wind” repeated two times on two rows. You have to use the plural form for “sheet” as there are three of them and count how many “the wind” you have. Since “two” sounds exactly like “to” – you have a saying: “three sheets to the wind” - This saying means that somebody is drunk (or intensely intoxicated with alcohol) and pretty much unsteady. The origin of this expression is very interesting and has a lot to do with navigation. Look it up if you’re interested!