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What’s the Saying Astute Level 8 Answers


All Bent Out Of Shape Saying Astute


– It is hard to come up with a saying made of five words with the help of only three letters, but this is why we are here, to give you all the What’s the Saying Astute answers, tips, hints and cheats! So let’s see these letters: they are A, L and L, with the last L placed on a lower row than the previous two letters. The first two letters, A and L are separated by a large space between them. This is the word “ALL”, we think we all agree. But what is wrong with this word? It is displayed wrong, with all the letters spread out. This means the word All is bent out of shape, as its shape is definitely incorrect.

– This saying means that you are angry, or you feel insulted or you have very strong opinions about something and an opposite opinion just gets on your nerves. Don’t act “all bent out of shape” over the fact that you can’t guess a saying! The expression may also mean that you feel intoxicated by booze or drugs and you feel “all bent out of shape because of last night’s party.”