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What’s the Saying Astute Level 24 Answers


Throw In The Towel Saying Astute


– We told you this pattern was used before to trick you! This is another mash-up of words you need to extract and put in the right order, with the difference that this time you don’t have colored letters to pick and put aside. The letters are TOTHROWWEL. You need to play a little with different word combinations, but you will eventually get them: you have the word THROW placed in the middle of the word TOWEL. So this reads THROW – IN – THE – TOWEL.

– We said we won’t let you throw in the towel while playing this game, because this expression means to abandon something, to give up, to let go or to stop fighting. As long as we have all the What’s the Saying answers, cheats and tips, you’re not giving up on this game, no matter how hard it is!