If you played the previous versions of What’s the Saying, you already know the developers of this highly popular mobile app game decided to put you to the test and intertwine some easy and fun levels with some pretty hard to solve ones. This level is pretty awesome, because it is fun and pretty easy to break, not to mention that the solution represents something you don’t hear often from people. You are on the What’s the Saying Astute Level 23 Answers page, so this means you either don’t know the answer and need our help, or you have the answer but you want to double check – it.

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What’s the Saying Astute Level 23 Answers


I Stand Corrected Saying Astute


– The way the developers built this word – image puzzle is amazing. You have two rows with pictures and images. The first shows you an eye and the letters STANDA. From this row, an arrow goes down, indicating the second row, which shows the same eye and the word STAND. Knowing that we usually read “eye” as “I”, we have to see the difference between the words. The second is corrected, as the first is misspelled. Simply put, I – STAND – CORRECTED.

– We told you this isn’t something you hear too often from people, as the saying means that someone recognizes his / her mistakes and is willing to admit they were wrong.