The saying you have to guess on this level is very popular and iconic even, as it represents the title of a song  and a movie, among others. If this extra clue doesn’t help much, count on us even further, because this why we are here for: to provide you with the answers, cheats, solutions, hints and help pages to all the What’s the Saying Astute levels and with many tips related to them. Now you are on the What’s the Saying Astute Level 22 Answers page, so it means you need some assistance with this one.

Before getting the solution at once, let us remind you that such games work miracles on your problem – solving kills, cognitive processing, vocabulary, word construction and perspective, so first try to really think things through and come up with your own answer. If it still escapes you, take a look over the What’s the Saying Astute Level 22 answers and cheats and let’s meet again at the next level! Good luck!

What’s the Saying Astute Level 22 Answers


Cradle To Grave Saying Astute


– The image shows us a child’s cradle and an arrow pointing to a tombstone. The latter should be read as “grave.” All in all, the image reads “Cradle to the grave.”

– We told you this is a common idiom and the name of a famous movie and song and we didn’t lie. Something that lasts from cradle to the grave means that something is present and it affects a person’s entire life (something that takes place from birth to death). It is an expression used when we want to emphasize the persistence, the perennial occurrence of something from the beginning to the end. The movie title refers to the film of the same name starring Jet Li and DMX, from 2003. The most famous song of this name is that of Tupac Shakur from the album “Thug Life.”