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What’s the Saying Astute Level 20 Answers


Fly In The Ointment Saying Astute


– You’ve seen this pattern before, but for the sake of learning, let’s see how this word – play is built: you have many letters in a row: OINTFTLMYENT. This is not a real word, of course, but it has an interesting feature: letters F, L and Y are written in red. Separate them from the rest and you get FLY. What is left of the letters spells OINTMENT. In other words, you have a “fly in the ointment” here.

– This is an interesting expression. A “fly in the ointment” means a singular situation or person that is ruining an otherwise enjoyable situation or event. Having to sit next to your boss at a company exciting party is such a fly in the ointment.