If you found the previous level of the highly popular What’s the Saying Astute mobile app game quite easy, then you shouldn’t have problems with this level either. The answer to this level is something you might say to an old friend you haven’t met in a while. But, if you landed on the What’s the Saying Astute Level 2 Answers page, it means that you either have some problems in solving this particular puzzle, or you just want to check your answer against ours. As an extra hint, look attentively at the string off letters and see what’s missing from the whole picture.

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What’s the Saying Astute Level 2 Answers


Long Time No See Saying Astute


– The picture displays the word “time” in a beautifully designed font. It is large enough to cover the full width of the picture, making it thus “long.” Under the word there are all the letters of the alphabet on three rows. However, if you look closely, there is no letter “C” among them. This is a word – play, as you need to understand the missing “C” letter in its phonetic form “see”. In other words, “long time, no see.”

– This is a greeting expression, used between people who haven’t seen each other in a long time.