Solving this puzzle is a piece of cake if you take a look at the big picture and try to use all your brain skills (and vocabulary skills in this particular example). You probably saw this pattern before, so it’s not like you can get stuck to this level. But you are on the What’s the Saying Astute Level 13 Answers page, so this means you want to check your own solution against the correct one we provide for you below, just to make sure. An extra hint and some explanations on the meaning? Look below!

Before using the cheats we offer, we have to say that this game is getting more and more exciting by the minute. We heard from our users that adults and children alike play this mind – challenging game and for all the right reasons: improving the cognitive skills, making use of vocabulary, perspective and lateral thinking is always a good training for everybody. So let’s see the What’s the Saying Astute Level 13 answers and hints and make our move to the next level. We hope the next one will be just as easy. And if not, you know where to find us!

What’s the Saying Astute Level 13 Answers


Forever And A Day Saying Astute


– The image shows you the word EVER, displayed on four vertical rows, one below each other. Next to them there are the words 24 HOURS in blue. You need to do some counting in order to guess this one. You have four EVER and A DAY (because 24 hours make one day, obviously).

– The answer to this level represents a love promise partners in a couple are not shy to make to each other. It means that something lasts eternally and beyond time, infinitely.