How cool is it to stumble upon a puzzle you can solve with your eyes closed? It’s true that the game’s developers managed to build this particular version of the What’s the Saying Astute mobile app game so that you face more and more difficult levels as you get deeper into the game and closer to its end, but sometimes they are merciful and give you a time to pause and enjoy your success. Just like in the case with this puzzle. Here we are on the What’s the Saying Astute Level 12 Answers page, trying to solve this mystery, knowing that you are here just for a routine check, as you have the solution at your fingertips.

We have the answer for level 12, just as we have the answers, solutions, cheats and help pages to a lot of this game’s versions and many other games (logo quiz games, guess the brand games, image – word puzzles, riddles and a lot more). Whenever you feel stuck to some level or just need to check your answer against ours, all you need to do is drop by and look for the game you’re interested into. But for now, let’s see what to make of the What’s the Saying Astute Level 12 Answers and hints. Have fun!

What’s the Saying Astute Level 12 Answers


Larger Than Life Saying Astute


– We said it is easy to solve this puzzle, but let’s see how easy it is. You have the word THAN typed in a very large font and in a pink / red color and the word “life” written below in a black, slim font. In other words, THAN is larger than life, or – Larger than life.

– Something that is larger than life, (or someone who appears this way) – is impressive, has an aura of greatness, is memorable, imposing, more exciting or more interesting than anything else of the ordinary.