You entered the second half of this awesome game and you’re now on the Impossible Quiz answers help page for levels 61 to 70! Beware, the game gets trickier and trickier and if you want to get all answers to the Impossible Quiz correctly, without spending your lives and your skips, you should read our Impossible Quiz cheats and explanations. When it comes to the Impossible Quiz nothing is too weird or too out of the box, but we think you understood that by now. Whenever you’re not sure of your own answer or you want to verify your own solution to make sure you level up, come here and look for the Impossible Quiz answers you need. We have them all in a row, together with detailed info explaining their logic.

The Impossible Quiz Answers 61:  (y) - If you type this symbol (y) in Facebook chat for instance you get the “thumbs up” emoticon. The Impossible Quiz Answers 62: Moss - If you read the sentence you surely understood that it is written with a lisp. The TH sequence there replaces the SS sequence. In other words, you’re looking for the moss, which is on the left side of the image. Click on it and level up! The Impossible Quiz Answers 63: Tasteless white filth - In the game’s opinion, Chicken McNuggets are made of tasteless white filth. They are not far from the truth with this one, aren’t they? The Impossible Quiz Answers 64: Egg > 28 - This is why you need the Impossible Quiz answers and the Impossible Quiz cheats we provide: some answers to some questions are completely random and make no sense. Just like this one. This is just how the developers decided it would be. The Impossible Quiz Answers 65: The word LARGEST - This is another trick you need to be aware of. You’ve seen a similar challenge before involving blue dots a few levels back, but this time the plot thickens. They say “click the largest”. That’s exactly what you have to do: click / tap the word LARGEST in the sentence. The Impossible Quiz Answers 66:  Click the ! - You have a ten-second bomb threatening to explode in your face and make you lose the game if you don’t think fast. Good thing we have the Impossible Quiz answers right here! Click / tap the exclamation mark (!) at the end of the word “world” in the sentence. The Impossible Quiz Answers 67:  A big hairy arsonist - Besides the toilet humor implied by the picture, the question here leads to a relatively easy answer. If you look attentively at the image displayed, you have a big hairy arse sitting on IST. So arse-on-ist doesn’t sound so peculiar after all. The Impossible Quiz Answers 68:  Stroke the cat until the meter is full - Player, meet Chris the Cat, another Splapp character. Wait for the cat to appear then stroke it until the bar / meter is full. With an odd “meow” at the end, Chris will let you level up. The Impossible Quiz Answers 69: LOL, 69 - Sick jokes are in their heaven with this game, so yes, the correct answer here is LOL, 69, in reference to the sexual position and the number of the question. The Impossible Quiz Answers 70: Using its anus - You can’t complain you don’t have a fair share of twisted logic and jokes in this game. The correct answer here is “using its anus”. You can vaguely understand it if you wonder “what makes the dog smell bad.”