You have the Impossible Quiz answers for the next ten challenges right here at your fingertips! Are you baffled by some question or task? Are you stuck and the clock is ticking your lives away? Don’t do anything that leads to GAME OVER or to utter and mind-crushing frustration! Use the Impossible Quiz answers and explanations we offer and remember the Impossible Quiz cheats, because the game gets trickier by the minute. You’ll need some of the answers to the Impossible Quiz sometimes later in the game. If you put your brain to work and think you can get the Impossible Quiz answers on your own, don’t forget to verify them against our help pages, we’ll save you from a lot of troubles! Now let’s level up one task after the other and beat the Impossible Quiz!

The Impossible Quiz Answers 31:  Woof. Woof. Woof. - Players, meet the Splapp's Badly Drawn Dawg.  According to the game developers, their precious pet barks three times, so Woof. Woof. Woof is the correct answer here. This is an inside joke, of course, so it’s good you have the Impossible Quiz answers here, how else would you have nailed this one? The Impossible Quiz Answers 32:  Babycham and Human Faeces - We warned you the game plays with some profanity and some sick jokes, so this is one of them. In the minds of the developers, “Babycham” stands for “sham” and “Human Faeces” stand for “poo”. In other words – shampoo. The Impossible Quiz Answers 33:  7 - This is similar with the alphabet letter task. You don’t have to actually count how many envelopes you see in the hand featured by the picture, but to actually count the number of letters in the words “his hand”. There are 7 letters. The Impossible Quiz Answers 34:  Move cursor away from the screen - Since elephants don’t like mice, remove your mouse cursor away from the screen or just right click the mouse button to hide it. The Impossible Quiz Answers 35: Don’t press the button - It can’t get clearer than this: avoid the game to be over and wait for five seconds. The scary button will turn into a green smiley face. Then, you can click it to move forward into the game. You get +1 SKIP here. The Impossible Quiz Answers 36:  A Walk - Since the fly has no wings anymore, all it can do is walk. So the answer is, logically, “a walk.” The Impossible Quiz Answers 37:  NOPE - Since all the answers say the same thing, you can click on any of the four boxes. They will lead you to the same result. In other words, any answer here is correct. The Impossible Quiz Answers 38:  Mary Rose - Another word play: since Mary Rose sat on a pin she definitely felt some pain, so Mary Rose – as in Mary Got Up. The Impossible Quiz Answers 39: Cylindrical Adventures - This is yet another inside joke the game developers use to make you want to know them better. The answer is Cylindrical Adventures because what you see in the picture is Splapp's Flash animation on their Deviant Art site. The Impossible Quiz Answers 40: Cross over the maze - You can solve this one by right clicking and then moving the mouse across the menu. You can also do it by holding the left mouse button, moving it to the point and then releasing it.