Welcome to the Impossible Quiz Answers levels 1 to 10! Are you ready to play the Impossible Quiz and have your mind blown? Remember you have to think fast and out of the box and get all the answers to the Impossible Quiz correctly without using your lives or the SKIPS you have available! The game developers made this challenge trickier and trickier, and mostly time-dependent. So, be careful what Impossible Quiz answers you choose! If you feel stuck, uncertain and confused, rush down to this page and get your Impossible Quiz cheats one by one! This may be the world’s hardest quiz but we will teach you how to beat the Impossible Quiz with our fully detailed Impossible Quiz answers and explanations! Level up after you made sure you got the right Impossible Quiz answers!


The Impossible Quiz Answers 1: Four - There are four letters O in the question. Also, a polo shirt has four holes too: head, two arms and bottom. The Impossible Quiz Answers 2: No, but a tin can - This is a word play: a match can’t box but a tin can. The Impossible Quiz Answers 3: K.O. - Did you notice how the question is spelled backwards? Then you need a backwards spelled answers as well. K.O is in fact O.K. The Impossible Quiz Answers 4:  Click the words THE ANSWER - This is a trick: since the given The Impossible Quiz answers are all the same and the task says you should click the answer, you should click the words THE ANSWER in the task sentence. The Impossible Quiz Answers 5:  Move the mouse around the screen outside the quiz box - You’ll see a few tricks like this one along the game. For you to move past this level in the lack of multiple choice Impossible Quiz answers, you have to move the mouse around the screen. Right click and then move it, or left click the mouse, hold and move to the destination point and then release. The Impossible Quiz Answers 6:  Shallots - The square root of ONION is SHALLOTS, because shallots are just smaller onions. The Impossible Quiz Answers 7:  En elephant - Well, the game suggested you look for a really big answer, and the elephant is the biggest thing we have on the planet. The Impossible Quiz Answers 8:  Find the green checkmark which says "Yes!" - You should move the mouse around in order to find the green checkmark with the "Yes!" message under the letters SE in the word SEARCH. The Impossible Quiz Answers 9: Top right 'THAT ONE' - The top right THAT ONE box comes with an arrow which points to the bottom left box – where the answer to the Impossible Quiz question 2 was. The Impossible Quiz Answers 10: Click / tap “Dentures” - The words “Choose Food” sound exactly like “Chews Food”, so you have to focus on Dentures. You get +1 SKIP here.