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Wii logo



– The silvery Wii logo featuring the name’s three letters written in gray over a white background is a favorite of gamers everywhere. You can’t be a passionate gamer (even a mild one) and not know the thing this logo refers to; heck, clueless little girls probably know it too. Ever since its release in 2006, this home video game console created by Nintendo has been a very successful brand.

– As previously stated, this is the Nintendo Wii logo. Wii’s main competitors are Xbox (created by Microsoft) and the PlayStation (created by Sony). The great charm of this console is that it incorporates a smart tool which records and interprets hand movement, integrating it in the game as you point or aim or hit with the hand equipped with an imaginary tool. The other great charm of it, according to more nostalgic gamers, is that it can be made compatible with old, old versions of video games going as far back as the 90s. So if you missed you games from the olden days, the console offers you a chance to revive and play them for as long as you’d like.