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Esso logo



– The oval Esso logo features the brand’s name written simply in red, on a white background, and encircled by an oval-shaped frame of bright blue. The logo isn’t so much of the company’s actual name, but it constitutes an international trade name for the main company behind it, ExxonMobil and many other of its related company. Considering this is the oil business we’re talking about, and it’s a pretty big business for corporate giants, now you maybe get it why the logo is used to symbolize a whole group.

– As most other oil and gas companies, this one was established in Texas (hip hip hurray for stereotypes about the hillbillies in the South who struck oil) in 1912. As opposed to the stereotype, the company wasn’t established by a family accidentally discovering oil, but was created to take over a small part of another oil company that was breaking up at the time (Standard Oil). Nowadays, the company and its affiliated businesses are a huge name worldwide in the oil-related market.