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Ibis Hotels logo



– This mostly red Ibis hotels logo is a bit more elaborate than most you’ve seen so far in this game. It’s almost square shaped, with two stars encompassed by flowers on its upper side, drawn thinly with white (over the red background/square). The middle of the square features the brand’s four letter name, written in white with a clean style. The lower bottom of the square-ish shape brings about a change in color, from the bright red to a dark and deep teal, with the word “Hotel” written in white over it. You’ve guessed it, we’re dealing with a hotel here.

– This worldwide chain of hotels, owned by the greater hotel chain Accor, first opened up its first location in 1974 Bordeaux. On January 21, 2014, the hotel opened up its 1000th location, in Indonesia, where the business had proved to be most profitable. Virtually every great European city you’ve ever visited probably has one of these at least. The brand offers budget rates and its hotels are usually situated close to airports or rail stations.