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To make your game a much more pleasant experience and maybe even enrich your background knowledge about various brands and events and things, check in with us when playing. We offer complete walkthroughs and fun hints about every one of the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers! This is the Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 84 Answers Page! Good luck and have fun!


Princeton logo



– The prestigious Princeton logo features the institution’s coat of arms, (painted in dark marine blue and orange and with a little open book at the top) followed by a simple two-row transcription of the institution’s name. The first row of that name (which coincidentally is the same with the answer you’re supposed to give) is highlighted with bold. Most elite education seekers or knowledgeable American citizens would have probably recognized the Princeton University logo by now.

– The logo belongs to one of the most high-level American universities, established in 1746 in Elizabeth, thus having a history of well beyond 250 years. The university offers diplomas in social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and engineering, but it does not cover the subjects of medicine, law, and etcetera. For elite level education in those fields, the United States have another famous institution: Harvard. Returning to the university featured here, it should also be noted that it can boast with having 36 Nobel prize laureates, and being the wealthiest school in the world, calculated by endowment per student capita.