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WWF logo



– This easy to recognize black and white WWF logo features a cute (but somewhat realistic) panda bear positioned as if it’s almost staring at you right in the eye. Below the panda silhouette, there’s a transcription of the brand’s three letters, in black, over the white background. Most chances are that you’ve come across the panda logo WWF sports many times so far, both in the virtual realm or real life (it’s frequently featured on postal stamps as well, so go figure).

– The international organization behind the logo is perhaps the most famous voice defending the well-being of animals and wildlife everywhere in the world. The three letters that comprise the organization’s name are actually an acronym which further reinforces the organism’s strong dedication to protecting animals worldwide. This international NGO was founded in 1961 and also tackles issues like environment preservation, pollution, climate change and preserving biodiversity. Most of its funding comes from individual donations (and you’ve surely been invited to make one yourself) and only a small part comes from the government of various countries or from corporations.