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Cartier logo



– This clean and easy to read Cartier logo simply features a white background, and the brand’s name written on it in black, with a handwriting style. It looks pretty elegant and it’s no wonder: for many people across the globe, the name has come to symbolize the very essence of luxury and exquisite elegance. The company behind the logo is a famous designer and manufacturer of jewelry and wrist watches, established in 1847 France by Louis-Francois Cartier. The company remained under the family’s control until 1967 and is now servicing upscale jewelry and fashion shops worldwide.

– The brand may be more known to some of you for its secondary products – like perfumes and a few cosmetic products – but what has really put it on the map of history is something else. Servicing royal houses throughout Europe’s monarchic countries and beyond has been a long standing tradition of this company; one of its most memorable feats wasthe diamond necklace created for the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh. What consecrated the brand as the jeweler of kings was Edward VII of England’s coronation: for the 1902 event, the king commissioned the jeweler shop to create 27 tiaras and rewarded the shop with a royal warrant. Similar orders from other monarchic countries started flying in after this event and the fame of the jewelry brand was henceforth not to be ever contested.