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In order to help you move effortlessly through your new quest, we’ve put together a complete list of answers to walk you through all the levels of the game, plus some interesting facts about the brand behind each logo. This way, you’ll not only have fun, but also explore some interesting things related to some of today’s most well-known brands. All there will be left for you to do it to actually play the game and have fun. Here are the keys Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 8 answers and hints! Before starting playing, remember we have all the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers for all levels, so don’t forget sharing the page with your friends too!





– This is almost the turning point of Logo Quiz Mangoo, if the previous levels’ answers could have been described as easy, the answer to this one is perhaps not as well known. The NGO that displays this logo is the leading name in all things related to child protection worldwide, but still not as widely known as a successful commercial brand such as the name of an automobile manufacturer. The initials on the logo and that comprise the organization’s name are actually an acronym that stands for the United Nations Children’s Fund and, as its name implies, is an active part of the United Nations activity. The UNICEF logo consists of a mother holding a child on a stylized Planet Earth emblem surrounded by a laurel crown.

– Historically, this organization was created by the U.N. in 1946 to provide emergency support, food and healthcare for the children whose lives had been gravely affected by the events of the World War II. Since then though, the program had been very successful and continues to help children worldwide and improve their life conditions, partly relying on contributions from all governments which are a part of the U.N.