If you’re enjoying your new smartphone gaming app crush, Logo Quiz Mangoo, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’re fans of it as well. You seem to get closer and closer to the finish line while you solve level after level and that’s an awesome thing! But we all had our bumps in the road and our dead ends, got stuck to some logo images that made no sense or stumbled upon foreign brands or extinct companies we have no reference of. In order to keep you in the game, we’ve created this full guide of all Logo Quiz Mangoo answers and help pages.

And because we’d hate to see you going through that frustrating stage where you can’t get one of the answers right and you thus get stuck just when you were having the most fun, we’re here to help by providing you not only with the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers, but with fun and interesting facts about the companies and brands featured by each level. Now enjoy the Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 79 Answers Page and have fun!


Loto logo



– This red and black Lotto logo features a white symbol on a red background at the left of the label, with the brand’s name written in black at the right end of the logo. It belongs to an Italian sportswear producer famous worldwide nowadays, which was founded in 1973 by the Caberlotto family (hence the brand’s name).

– Initially, the company focused only on various kinds of sports shoes: tennis shoes, basketball shoes and so on. Sportswear was the next logical step, and it’s just what the company started producing next. In the first ten years, it only provided their clothing line(s) to the Italian market, but they went worldwide afterwards and maintained a steady growth. Today, the brand is associated with sports associations like FIFA, with major international sports competitions as a sponsor and organizer, and it is involved with numerous charities as well.