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Toys R Us logo



– The Toys R Us logo features the brand name in colorful letters. The logo is also famous for the inverted “R” letter. This rather playful and very colorful logo features an uneven string of letters over a white background. Each letter has its own color, ranging from hot pink to green, orange to bright blue, and the R in the middle is slightly bigger than the rest, inverted and with a small white star in its middle. The company behind the brand has used its current logo since 2007, but its tradition of being associated with children’s toys goes back way before that.

– The company was founded by Charles Lazarus in 1948, under the name “Children’s Supermart”, and it quickly became known as a toy and baby furniture retailer. It was a huge success and, at least in its toy-selling sector, the company managed to eliminate all its competition almost completely, thus being known as a “category killer” in economic terms. The official company’s mascot or “spokesanimal, as he is sometimes called, is Geoffrey the Giraffe. He made his debut in 1957 in a printed series of advertisements and went with the name Dr. G. Raffe (get it?) for a while.