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 Quiksilver logo



– This red and white Quiksilver logo, which might be familiar to sports fans, features the brand’s name written in white over a red background. In addition to the brand’s name, the logo also includes a stylized large wave with a little mountain on the side and top of it. The wave and mountain design alludes to the fact that the company specializes in surfware and related board-sport equipment, and the design is actually the simplified version of a woodcut authored by the Japanese painter Hokusai, named The Great Wave off Kanawaga.

– In spite of the Japanese woodcut art inspiring its logos, the company itself is not Japanese, but Australian; and its headquarters are in Huntington Beach, California. It was founded in 1969 and it’s pretty famous among surfers and beyond. The company also produces an apparel line for young women, under the brand names DC Shoes and Roxy, in addition to its surfware. Unfortunately, the last 6 years prior to 2013 were market by constant financial loss for the company, but a turnaround plan was being sketched and perhaps it really will get the company back into a more prosperous period.