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RoyalCanin logo



– The Royal Canin logo is basically a transcription of the brand’s name, in red, over a white background, with a crown resting neatly a bit above the name. The logo suggests that the company is the leading brand in its field and most dog and cat owners will probably agree. In case you haven’t guessed it already, the company sells all sorts of cat and dog food and they are renowned to be the best.

– The company was established by a French vet surgeon after noticing how well some of the pets he operated on recovered on a certain dietary feed prepared by him in his garage. The recipe for the healthy cereal-based pet feed was then used to manufacture the first dry pet food in France, later expanding on the European market as well. Today, the company is owned by Mars, Incorporated, and continues to be a leading worldwide brand of top-notch treats for our canine friends.