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Tropicana logo



– The Tropicana logo features a deep green writing of the brand’s name itself, adorned with a mid-word leaf (as the point on top of an “I”). The color and overall feel of the logo makes one think of palm trees painted on a background of remote exotic places, particularly because the brand is so well-known on the market of soft drinks that it’s enough to see it and think of orange juice almost instantly.

– The company’s founder, Anthony T. Rossi, was born in Sicily and immigrated to the United States when he was 21 years old, in 1921. He quickly became involved in the Florida citrus industry and set up his own company thereafter. Due to some innovations like freezing the juice concentrate or flash pasteurizing it, the company imposed itself as a market leader. Today, the brand is owned by Pepsi, but those pet boxes with intensely flavored orange juice, all featuring Tropicana logos are as popular as ever.