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Eurosport logo



– The Eurosport logo, adorned with the stars found on the European Union’s flag, belongs to a pan-European TV channel focused on sports. This network of channels is currently broadcasted in 54 countries and 20 different languages and features lots of sporting competitions and events, both European and foreign.

– The channel was launched on the 5th of February 1989 through the initiative of multiple EU members, because the European Broadcasting Union was accumulating a lot of rights to broadcast sporting events, but had no hub to broadcast them through. Despite the much required and awaited launch, the channel was forced to close down two years later, in 1991, when the competing channel Screensport filed a complaint against them to the European commission over an organizing detail from their corporate structure, but then the TF1 Group (a broadcasting channel group recently privatized by the French government) stepped in to replace a missing member in their corporate structure and the channel was saved. They even manage to restart broadcasting within the same month of being shut down. To most Europeans who are very fond of watching their sport competitions on this channel, this is a story with a happy ending.