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Sephora logo



– The Sephora logo stands for a French-based brand and chain of cosmetics stores, founded in 1970s Paris. The name of the brand is the ancient Greek rendition of Zipporah, which is the name of a wife of Moses mentioned in the Old Testament as being famous in her age for her astonishing beauty. After her fame spread, this name has eventually come to signify “beauty” in many languages, including Greek, hence the brand’s name. The brand’s logo features a slim “S”-shaped white flame against a black background and it is a sight many women in the world will fondly recognize (though the company also produces and markets lots of men’s products as well).

– The brand offers products created by more than 100 different brands, as well as its own products, marked by their white “S” packaging. The most famous brands one can find in a Sephora store are Make up for ever, Too Faced, Urban Decay, as well as unique fragrance and make up collections from designers like Marc Jacobs.