We bet we know what the only thing that can make your day a bit better is, when you’re stuck in traffic or in a similarly boring situation: a fun and smart game app for your mobile phone or tablet. Of course a latte doesn’t hurt either, but testing your knowledge and skills in an app that is colorful and fun and also interesting enough can be quite catchy, especially if we’re talking about the lovely category of quiz games. Just like Logo Quiz Mangoo, right?

There are plenty of good reasons for which this game became such a hit, and they all have to do with how particularly thrilling and engaging it is and how wonderful it feels to get all those Logo Quiz Mangoo answers right. But as high as the high gets, the worse will the fall be: no one can know all the answers, and to have to quit your favorite game just because you’re stuck on some annoying level can be pretty frustrating. Don’t worry, we have just the thing for that: our platform’s game guide offers you all the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers and some background details about each of them, to make your game experience as pleasant and interesting and possible. So go out there and, armed with new knowledge, give it a better shot. So let’s check out together the Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 59 answers!


Danone logo



– The Danone logo represents a French multinational corporation that specializes in producing and marketing foodstuffs. Their portfolio includes fresh dairy products and yogurts (these being the type of products the brand is best known for), as well as bottled water, baby foods and cereal. The brand was founded in 1919 Barcelona, Spain, and originally was a small yogurt-producing factory. The following years were a bit troubled for the company, as its original founders were of Jewish faith and had to move their business from country to country due to the German regime’s ascension during WWII, but eventually that history period was over and the company saw better times come its way.

– The company is currently trying to combat its sometimes-not-so-good image related to the health effects of consuming its products, and established a research institute bearing its name and also an international prize in nutrition. Every two years, the scientist that made the most important discovery or research advancement in nutrition, competes in this and wins 120.000 dollars as well as the fame which comes with such a prize.