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Whirlpool logo



– The Whirlpool logo stands behind an American multinational corporation that specializes in manufacturing and selling home appliances. The corporation includes in its marketing portfolio a variety of well-known and respected brands, from Whirlpool (that also gives the corporation’s name) to Kitchen Aid (known for their almost cult-quality, historic-and-yet-still-very-modern kitchen robots and mixers). The company was founded in 1911 and debuted in the business of making electrical washing machines and has kept up with the times in an astonishing way, beyond the strict financial level.

– If the corporation’s ethics were immaculate to start with and actually helped it thrive (General Electric was so impressed with them that they decided to double an order for washing machines, just because the company was willing to replace dysfunctional machines free of charge), its present day values are certainly no less. The company’s reputation as an equal opportunity employer is quite a serious thing: they have seven employee-run diversity divisions representing various ethnic groups, that work towards making sure each such community within the company has the best chance and as many opportunities as possible.