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Movistar logo



– This green flubber-ish Movistar logo stands for a major Spanish mobile phone operator which is present not only in Spain but in a lot of Latin American countries as well. It is the largest such operator in Spain and has been around since the launch of GSM services in 1995, when the mobile phone craze began. The brand is very popular on both continents and since 2011 more services have begun to be labeled under the same logo’s umbrella: cable television, internet service, landline service and so on, in addition to the mobile phone operating services. The brand’s popularity is also reflected and boosted by its support and sponsorship for two pro-level cycling teams that participate in international competitions under the very brand’s name.

– The company that owns the brand is Telephonica S.A., which also purchased the O2 brand, a telephone operators that continues to be used under the same name in Central European Countries like Germany, the Czech Republic and the UK.