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Emirates Airlines Logo



– The Emirates logo stands for a world-known airline based in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (hence the name of the airline itself). The Emirates Airlines logo also stands for the Middle East’s largest airline company, and it’s no wonder, considering the fact that it hails from a country and a city well-known for their luxury and extravagance. The airline operates nearly 3.400 flights per week from its main hub in Dubai towards the world’s largest capitals and cities, and the company also operates a cargo transport division. The government owns the corporation which the airline is a subsidiary of, and since its beginnings in 1985, the airline managed to become among the top 10 carriers in the world in terms of passenger kilometers.

– The name of the airline is pretty revered in the business; its brand was developed fast and is quite strong today, especially due to its high reputation in issues of service excellence and concern for safety. Also, the company has received multiple awards and is generally regarded as being top-notch and a standard to follow in all areas.